Wednesday, November 7, 2007

QComicBook 0.4.0

After a long struggle with Qt4 porting, new QComicBook release is finally available! It's not too exciting if you talk about new features, but now, as the pain with porting is over, I can focus on adding new functionality. The first enhancement I'm currently planning is an "export" framework, which would support exporting to PDF as well as other archives (archive conversion). In the meantime, I'm evaluating the following enhancements:
  • painting via QGrahpicsView & friends with OpenGL (seems to be too slow without OpenGL if image rotation is in use)
  • bringing back excellent Imlib2 library for faster image rendering; I had to drop it temporarily when moving to Qt4.
I must mention that Mercurial is a real lifesaver as I'm now able to clone my qcomicbook repo in just a few seconds and work on each feature independently.

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