Saturday, November 3, 2007

Distributed VCS

I've been using Subversion (aka SVN) to handle my source code for a couple of years, but decided to migrate to a Distributed Version Control System. Main reason for switching is easy branching and merging that DVCS offer. I want to have a repo on my desktop as well as on laptop and pendrive, crete separate branches for various features and be able to merge them all easily. I'm currently evaluating two most promising solutions: Bazaar and Mercurial. Both are similar, however Mercurial seems to be faster, more stable and it's already being used by some well known projects (e.g. OpenSolaris, Mozilla, ALSA - just to name a few). So, I'll probably end up with Mercurial. The only problem for now is converting my old SVN repos - both solutions provide ways for such migration, but none is perfect when it comes to tags/trunk/branches layout... I'm still trying to find out a proper way to do the conversion... Stay tuned.

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