Friday, January 30, 2009

Telescope case

I've finally made myself a case to carry my MAK127 telescope and another one to carry accessories (eyepieces, finder etc.). It took me around three hours to accommodate each case for its duty - main job was to cut sponge so that telescope and accessories all fit and are protected against shock (BTW, as you can see on the photos, the telescope case is made of a casual toolbox). My next target is a case / bag for EQ3-2 mount, but this seems to be more problematic... Any ideas?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Poszukuję pracy...

Początek roku okazał się dla mnie mało szczęśliwy... Okazało się , że Astaro - firma, w której pracowałem przez ostatni rok - zmuszona została do zamknięcia oddziału R&D w Bydgoszczy. Powód: kryzys, szczególnie dotkliwy w Niemczech, gdzie znajduje się główna siedziba Astaro.

Tak więc, jeśli Twoja firma poszukuje doświadczonego programisty (C++, Java, Python, Perl, Linux) do pracy na terenie Bydgoszczy lub okolic, to proszę o kontakt.

Więcej informacji o moich kwalifikacjach tutaj:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Vice 2.1

A new version of Vice - popular C64 emulator - has been released on Dec 19th 2008. This version brings some small improvements - most notably fullscreen mode finally works and uses xrandr! This means much more fun & immersion when watching old C64 demos :).

This brings me to a bunch of new demos released in 2008. It turns out there are still guys out there who can amaze the world by squeezing last bits out of C64... If you had C64 and you've ever felt a bit nostalgic about it, I suggest you install vice and watch these demos:Going back to 2007... Check out "Desert Dream" demo by Chorus & Resource - these guys made an excellent remake of the popular Kefrens' demo from Amiga. Simply amazing.

BTW... A nice video about C64 internals and capabilities has been recently made available - see here.