Wednesday, December 16, 2009

QComicBook hosted on GitHub

QComicBook repository is now available on GitHub, meaning you can now access all historical releases and follow the development (master) branch if you wish to do so.  QComicBook source tarball can be found in the Downloads section of the repository.

Remark: commit messages are in Polish as I've never intended to publish my local repo... I apologize for inconvenience. I'm going to change this with next commits.

My home web site is not available yet - I'm still looking for a web hosting (see my previous blog entry).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Urgent: My website is down. Looking for new web hosting.

My web hosting provider had suddenly stopped the service and wiped the server out yesterday, meaning my web site is temporarily unavailable. Unfortunately, this includes QComicbook, KleanSweep and my other projects as they have no mirrors.

Here is a plea: if you're a system administrator of a web hosting server and you ever wanted to support free software projects, then this is your chance. I need a free web hosting to host my home site and open source projects as soon as possible. My expectations are:
  • it's free.
  • this must be a stable and secure server, running 24/7.
  • you're a professional web hosting provider and have already been providing web hosting for other web sites.
  • web pages can use Ruby on Rails or PHP (for now my web page is all static, but I'd like to change it).
  • disk quota can be increased if needed (I should be fine with around 50Mb for now, but may need more in the future).
  • you have some nice domains available (e.g. is a nice domain, whereas is not) and you can provide me with nice hostnames like qcomicbook.<yourdomain> or stolowski.<yourdomain> (I'd like to split my website into personal web site and qcomicbook, kleansweep hosting sites, so a few hostnames would be required).
  • ssh and shell are not required, but would be a nice addition.
I can't give you much in return except for satisfaction and my appreciation. And of course you'll be listed in THANKS file of QComicBook ;).
So, if you can provide me with web hosting service and meet these requirements, then please email me immediately. Thank you.

I'm also interested in suggestions about free and reliable web hosting services, so if you know and can recommend any, then please let me know.

Regarding the availability of QComicBook source tarball... I'm looking for a temporary web site to host it until a new hosting is available and my web site is back. I'll keep you informed, check this blog for updates.