Saturday, November 19, 2011

Erlang quick reference card

For the last couple of months I've been learning Erlang and doing some Erlang programming for a new project at work. I couldn't find any good quick reference card for Erlang (aka cheatsheet), so decided to create something on my own. You can download it from my github repository.

As I'm a newbie to Erlang and still learning, I'm sure it has some gaps and possibly errors, so any suggestions and corrections are welcome. Also, the document was created with OpenOffice Writer (plus it's available in PDF format for your convienience), which results in not-so-good look & formatting -  my goal was to have something quickly, rather than spending weeks on creating formatting rules in a more suitable tool. My ultimate goal however is to migrate this cheatsheet to TeX (LaTeX) format or similar and find existing macros/rules suitable for quick reference card formating to give it more polished and professional look.  If you know any such solutions, please comment.