Sunday, December 18, 2011

QComicBook - new web hosting, new domain

After two years with and numerous issues with their hosting I finally made the effort of switching web hosting of QComicBook and my home site. QComicbook web site is now hosted on - by the way if you decide to buy hosting there, please consider using this referrer link which will give me a credit for a2hosting services & renewal of QComicBook hosting.
Other then that, QComicBook web site is now available at much more friendly URL: The old URL ( is still valid, but I may remove it by the end of 2012, so if you maintain QComicBook packages or link to source tarballs for any other reason, I suggest you update your links with next QComicBook release.
Finally, please be warned that there may be some disruptions to the website (and possibly in the next few days due to DNS and configuration changes.