Monday, November 5, 2007


I've finally decided to convert my repos to Mercurial. Thanks to the built-in "convert" module that Mercurial has, converting existing svn repos turned out to be as simple as typing:

hg convert --config convert.svn.trunk=trunk --config convert.svn.tags=tags --config convert.svn.branches=branches file:///usr/local/var/svnrepos/qcomicbook qcomicbook

It also turned out, that tags were properly converted - they are just available via Mercurial' "tags" mechanism (and don't appear as subdirectories of the repository...) - just type "hg tags" and here you go... Excellent! Other than that, Mercurial seems to be really fast (as advertised) and easy repository cloning will be a real lifesaver.

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