Sunday, August 16, 2009

Upcoming QComicBook changes

A new bugfix release of QComicBook (0.4.2) is on the way and should be available soon. In the meantime I'm working hard on some under-the-hood changes that will debut later around version 0.4.3. These are mainly internal changes that affect building process and maintability, so do not expect any "big" features yet. Two main improvements are:
  • Introducing .ui (QtDesigner) form files for dialogs and windows - it just became too cumbersome to maintain and extend the existing hard-coded dialogs. Working with QtDesigner 4.x is a real joy and it is actually very easy to refactor existing classes to use uic-generated forms: just design them with QtDesigner reusing existing object names, inherit from generated classes, call setupUI() and you're done :).
  • Switching from autotools hell to cmake - CMake is so much easier, cleaner and nicer tool... It took me around 3 hours to switch QComicBook to CMake with no prior knowledge of this tool - just having a sample CMakeLists.txt from other project and cmake man pages... This speaks for itself...
Some other internal changes that have high priority on my TODO list:
  • refactor archive handling subsystem with strategies (policies) for handling various archive types.
  • refactor image and thumbnail loading/caching for better cooperation; I'm not happy with it's current design.

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