Saturday, August 8, 2009

Qt4: don't mix waitForFinished() with processEvents()

I had received a few claims about QComicBook hanging when unpacking some cbr archives in the past, but could not confirm the problem till now. I've just received a nice bug report for this issue - with a sample .zip archive that reproduces the bug. It looks like it's not a good idea to mix QProcess::waitForFinished(-1) with QApplication::processEvents(). The problem manifests itself if you do the following:
  • start a process (an external command)
  • wait for exit with waitForFinished(-1)(which blocks until process exits)
  • capture the output with a QProcess::readyReadStandardOutput() signal handler
  • the signal handler calls QApplication::processEvents()
waitForFinished(-1) may then block forever.

The problem has already been reported on Ubuntu's Launchpad as well as in QtSoftware bugtracker. Unfortunately, it seems there is no solution, it won't be fixed in Qt library and should be avoided... The workaround I implemented for QComicBook-0.4.1 (to be released soon) is a busy-loop around waitForFinished(1000) (i.e. 1 second) and processState() calls. Not the nicest solution, but it seems to work fine and I can still use processEvents() to provide progress bar updates when unpacking archives.

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You saved my Day after two days of headache! I figured out an ugly work around eventually ...