Saturday, February 19, 2011

QComicBook runs on eComStation!

I'm happy to announce that one of QComicBook users got QComicBook 0.7.2 running on eComStation! Wait... what is eComStation, I hear you asking... I've never heard of it until now as well. It appears that eComStation is the successor of OS/2. Unfortunately it's commercial and it seems there is no free version for evaluation
purposes available... Anyway, if you happen to use this OS, you may grab QComicBook binary for it here.  Please note that you cannot currently rebuild QComicBook for eComStation as it requires some source code changes; this changes may later be incorporated into mainline, or become available as a patch. Also be aware that I take no responsibility for this binary, use it at your own risk.

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Anonymous said...

eComStation is the bomb!