Saturday, October 17, 2009

Web page updates: dead projects, new QComicBook packages

Time has come to conclude the state of some of my projects and update my website... Thereby I declare the following projects as no longer developed or maintained:
  • Moorie -- taken by volunteers some time ago, so chances are it still has future.
  • VyQChat -- forked as TriX project a long time ago. Not sure whether it's still actively developed (last update: June 2008).
This shouldn't be surprising for those who where following these projects. I haven't updated them for a long time and already declared their death when asked via emails.

My website was also updated with links to new QComicBook packages provided  by volunteers; binary package is now also available for Slackware Linux and PKGBUILD is availabe in AUR repository for Arch Linux. Thanks for those involved in preparing binary packages for QComicBook!

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