Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Distro hopping is over...

For a last couple of months I've been switching distros a lot just to find out that each has its own problems and bugs. Eventually I ended up with latest Ubuntu 8.04 . It's not perfect, but it is closest to what I expect from modern distro; let's hope their new QA efforts will soon bring some improvements. Some complaints regarding distros I recently tried:
  • OpenSuse 11.0 - after initial excitement I started to be fatigued by some irritating bugs (e.g. repository refreshing errors - why does it result in error message-box??). Other than that, changes to zypper were very nice (read: speed).
  • Sabayon 3.5 - I've always felt Gentoo is too much work for a daily use; Sabayon is a nice way to try out Gentoo without getting your hands dirty. I was initially very impressed by it, but it soon turned out that Entropy/Equo didn't play nice with Portage. After waiting for a few weeks for this bug to be fixed (and it's still not fixed), I came to the conclusion that Sabayon probably needs more manpower to work on bugs. Anyway, this is a very nice distro with a lot of potential.
  • Ubuntu 8.04 - a lot of people complain about getting wireless networking to work; Surprisingly to me, I had problems too (I've an Atheros-based NIC that has always been working fine with madwifi drivers for me) - my NIC was connecting to wrong AP on boot, but I finally found a workaround.

So, for now I will stick with latest Ubuntu. Distro hopping is over.

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Ricardo León said...

Is that why we can't find Kleansweep anymore? I wished you would have said Trinity, distro-hoppin is over...