Sunday, September 11, 2011

Installing latest Flash Player 11rc on Debian Squeeze

Here is a little HOWTO about clean installation of  the latest release candidate of Adobe Flash Player 11 on Debian Squeeze. It should also work on Ubuntu and other derivatives of Debian.

The method proposed here uses Debian's Alternatives System which makes it possible to install latest Flash Player in a dedicated directory and  switch between it or the default version installed from Debian repository (v10) if needed.

  1. Install flashplugin-nonfree (standard Debian repository) or flashplayer-mozilla (debian-miultimedia repository). This will install Flash Player 10.
  2. Download latest Flash Player for Linux from Adobe.
  3. Unpack it to /opt/flashplayer-11rc1 (or any other directory of your choice).
  4. Add entry for Flash Player 11 in the Alternatives System:
    sudo update-alternatives --install /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ /opt/flashplayer-11rc1/ 0
  5. Switch between installed Flash Player versions (will launch interactive menu):
    sudo update-alternatives --config
Please note that  Flash Player tarball contains a few other files that you may find interesting - such as flash-player-properties configuration tool. They won't be automatically picked by the above procedure, as update-alternatives for maintains plugin symlink only. See man page for update-alternatives for more information.


Anonymous said...

It was very useful for me. It works.

Anonymous said...

Wreszcie jakiś prosty sposób na instalacje tego cholerstwa na debianie.
Byle tak dalej.

Anonymous said...

Works perfectly, thanks

NARAYAN said...

"There is no program which provides
Nothing to configure."
this is saying terminal after the abovee steps.Anyone ,help?

Anonymous said...

Works perfectly with Firefox 12, Flash Player 11,2,202,235. Thanks a lot.

a12dhie_sn said...

It works!! thx :)

muzyk10 said...

i've used to do such way in early days of my gentoo learning, then i'd preferred using only ebuild, last time i'h been pushed to use debian stable - whats did appeared ? Debian is quite unfamiliar with non-free stuff, and i had to enable it's flash plugin thing to watch trailers in no time with above method only available .... Main purpose of this This way is to work on EVERY available 'nix system :) Cheers

Anonymous said...

Ca marche! Merci beaucoup!