Monday, July 5, 2010

QComicBook website ported to Django

My new QComicBook website created on January was initially created with Ruby on Rails, but I've recently decided to try out and convert it to Django framework. The main motivation behind this is that Django is Python-based (I still prefer Python over Ruby even though Ruby's syntax is cleaner and better than Python's) and offers a nice administration panel for your website. The fun of learning Django and being able to choose between the two frameworks was also tempting.

Rewriting the website for Django and learning it at the same time took me several hours, but it was worth the effort and I'm very happy with it. The documentation of Django is simply great. Django's philosophy and the approach they take (e.g. when it comes to filters and tags) is very appealing and leads to better separation between model and view. The administration panel fits my needs perfectly and greatly simplifies QComicBook web site updates (this is something the RoR version of the website was lacking; I had a simple "prototype" of the administration page that was a real pain to use). Both frameworks are very good, have similar capabilities and are really friendly and easy to learn (in the basic aspects at least) if you know the associated programming language (Python or Ruby). For now however  I prefer Django!

BTW, the only difference between the old and new QComicBook website that you can spot is the "Powered by Django" phrase at the bottom :)

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