Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Arch Linux & AppAarmor

I've just recently started to work on bringing the boon of AppArmor to Arch Linux world. PKGBUILDs for AppArmor-patched kernel and userland tools will soon be published via AUR, just some things need to be polished and finished.  Preparing kernel package went smooth.  The major effort was to prepare PKGBUILD for AppArmor tools: they should be punished for what they did to its Makefiles. Hardcoded paths to some crucial utiilities (like pod2man), hardcoded dependency/use of rpm, default target that generates not only the binary, but also pdf documentation (and for that you need latex)... Just nightmare... The PKGBUILDs are mostly ready, I just need to put some more effort and create an /etc/rc.d startup script for AppArmor's aa-eventd.  Stay tuned for AppArmor packages for Arch Linux!


Anonymous said...

big thanks for all the effort!

Anonymous said...

good luck with that
i am waiting your good work

irishjava said...

Hi there,

I really want a MAC integrated into Arch.

I've started writing a wiki page @

What is the progress of getting this stuff integrated?

It's too usefull not to be there.

Pawel Stolowski said...

I've to admit I was busy with other stuff & real life and put AppArmor on the shelf. But I'm going to work on this soon.

What I've already accomplished became a little bit outdated (new kernel(s) were released for Arch since I started; probably new patches for AppArmor are available too). So I need to synchronzize with latest kernel & apparmor. Then there is still the rc.d stuff to do.