Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fell in love with Debian Lenny

Debian 5.0 (Lenny) has been released. I've been running it for about one month (installed from a release candidate iso) and I must admit I'm absolutely delighted by it. Being an Ubuntu user before I already got used to apt-get, synaptic and other goodies. Where Lenny really shines (compared to Ubuntu) is:
  • it's rock stable; I haven't had a single stability issue so far
  • it's well tested and you can really feel it. I haven't experienced any stupid / trivial / obvious bugs that  should have been detected and fixed (as it was often a case for Ubuntu or openSuse). It just feels the release was not rushed as it often happens to commercial distros.
  • it's not bloated (number of services is reduced to the minimum, no desktop indexing like Beagle or Tracker is installed by default etc.)
  • no experimental or unfinished features (e.g. no PulseAudio...)
All in all, Lenny seems to be a really good and solid release. Long live, Debian project!

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